Friday, December 14, 2012

Sleeping like a Baby

 Since coming to AIU, I have had to become more dependent, and more cautious about the things I do. Compared to back home in Hawaii, I need to cook more, be careful of waking my roommate up at night, pay for gas, water, and heater bills, and clean my apartment unit that I share with my roommate.

My roommate and me have a good relationship, but I remember for our first few weeks living together, he complained about me making too much noise when I walk. I tried to be careful after that, but occasionally I would wake him up at night because I would drop something on the floor accidentally. By the end of the semester, I have gotten better at being more quiet at night, but I discovered that regardless of how quiet I try to be, it is really hard to not make noise in the apartments at AIU. Other students seem to have the same problem with the noise like me and my roommate.

My bed makes a sound whenever I try to move in my bed, and regardless of how quiet I try to be, the floor always makes a noise whenever I walk on it. Usually if my roommate wakes up at night when I am around, it is usually because he cannot sleep not because of me.

As for me, I am not as sensitive to the noise, and I even told him that he could have a party here at our apartment, and I would not have trouble sleeping. Occasionally he watches video at night  on his computer without headphones at low volume, but it does not bother me. I remember that one time a lot of the Taiwanese people came to our apartment to talk to my roommate at around 2am. I only had two hours of sleep the night before, so I went to sleep a few minutes after they arrived. I am not sure how long they stayed for, but I had slept through the noise.