Friday, August 31, 2012

First Week at AIU

It has been one week since I have arrived. I like AIU and life in Japan but occasionally I find myself thinking about Hawaii. I miss the people, friends, family, and my dog but I am also happy with what I have here. Staying at AIU has been a very meaningful experience so far and after talking to people from other countries, I am slowly starting to appreciate life in Hawaii. I still want to move even though it is hard to find a job anywhere.

My loyal sidekick

I do not think I am homesick yet but I think I may experience it latter. I was talking to another exchange student that has been year for almost a year and it seems like it is best to take my time when developing new relationships with people here.

My friend is really happy for what he can buy at Akita's Aeon Mall
Within this past week, I have registered for classes, bought my first cellphone, and learned a few self defense techniques from the local police. I also met my friend's roommate from Mongolia. His English is not that good and it seems like he does not have any money with him. My friends and me intend to help him but he needs to get more financial support from his parents or other sources if he expects to survive here for one year.

Posing with officers at Akita